Zack Heger was born in 1992 and randomly stricken with a 100% fatal disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  He was diagnosed at age 3, when, after developing normally, he began struggling with physical activities.  DMD is a neuromuscular disease that attacks mostly boys and degenerates their muscles as they grow.  Predictably, Zack walked until age 9 before this cruel disease sentenced him to a wheelchair.

Due to research, love and faith, Zack continues to LIVE with DMD.  While he continues to sacrifice more mobility regularly, his spirit remains strong.  Thankfully, he can still move his fingers enough to use the joystick on his wheelchair and play video games.

In an effort to channel our energy into something positive, we founded the Zack Heger Foundation, dedicated to finding a cure or treatment for these innocent boys.  We are proud to have been able to support numerous research projects and provided special services like skiing through our support of New England Disabled Sports.  We have only been able to do this with support from our family, friends and donations through hosting Road Races, 14 golf tournaments, 4 evening Galas, and multiple Marathon runs.  Currently, we are very interested in supporting research that shows incredible promise in not just providing treatment, but a cure.  

We continue to be grateful for your tax deductible donations as well as gifts in kind as we continue to host auctions to raise important funds.

Please see Events to learn what we are currently doing to raise funds and consider a contribution.

Many thanks,

Margie and Rodney Heger